MSC Divina

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the MSC Divina! Inspired by Sofia Loren herself, the MSC Divina brings you all the elegance and glamour of the golden age of sea travel in a new vision. Let your eyes drink in the style and attention to detail. From the real stone piazza to the Broadway-size theatre and the sweeping grace of the Swarovski crystal staircases to the calm of the Infinity Pool, extending seamlessly out to sea and into the horizon beyond. Discover a musical adventure like no other on the floating venue that is MSC Divina. The Divina is the perfect mixture of style and comfort for the epic adventure that is Holy Ship!

Get to know our home at sea!


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DECK 18 - Elios
DECK 16 - Urano
DECK 15 - Mercurio
DECK 14 - Afrodite
DECK 13 - Cupido
DECK 12 - Aurora
DECK 11 - Iride
DECK 10 - Giunone
DECK 9 - Minerva
DECK 8 - Artemide
DECK 7 - Apollo
DECK 6 - Zeus
DECK 5 - Saturno
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