January Change Your Guest

The Lead Guest is the only person in the reservation that can make changes, such as adding a guest or making a name change. After the initial booking, you will be able to add or change your cabinmate online during the complimentary period, however after that you will need the assistance of a Cloud 9 Travel Team member.

Changing the Lead Guest's Name:

Changes made from the time of booking through November 23rd, 2015 will incur a $150 Name Change Fee.

Changes made between November 24th through December 17th, 2015 will incur a $225 Name Change Fee.


Changing a Guests' Name:

Changing your cabinmate's name in the reservation is complimentary through August 31, 2015

Changes made between September 1st through October 14, 2015 will incur a $75 Name Change Fee.

Changes made between October 15th through November 23rd, 2015 will incur a $125 Name Change Fee.

Got a last minute change? Cloud 9 is now able to make changes to your reservations up to 3 weeks prior to the event. However, all changes, including lead guest changes, made between November 24th through December 17th will incur a $225 Name Change Fee.

Please note, beginning December 18th, 2015, NO RESERVATION CHANGES can be made. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

How Do I Change My Guest?

Step 1: If your cabinmate has never traveled with Cloud 9 before, have them create a Cloud 9 Reservations account HERE. All guests traveling on Holy Ship! must create a profile with Cloud 9. 

Step 2: Identify who is going to be responsible for paying the name change fee. Either party can pay the fee, however, the change will not be made until the fee is paid in full.

Please note, money paid into a reservation stays in the reservation and does not get refunded to the guest being removed. It is between the guests in the reservation to sort out the finances.  

You cannot initiate a name change on the online chat. If you are unable to call Cloud 9, please reach out via email.

Ways To Make The Change:

Email: The Lead Guest can email the Travel Team with the old and new guests CC'd. All guests coming in or out of the reservation must confirm and approve the change. Once approved by all parties, the guest responsibile for paying the name change fee (if there is one) can reply solely to Cloud 9 with their payment information.

Phone: The Lead Guest can call the Travel Team to request the change to the reservation. Seperately, the guest who will be paying the name change fee can call to complete this change.

Conference Call: The Lead Guest, the old guest, and new guest can contact the Travel Team on a conference call. In doing so, all guests will be on the line to complete the change at once.