January *NEW* Automatic Billing Option

Never miss a payment or worry about late fees again by enrolling in one of our automatic payment plans!

By enrolling, you are authorizing Cloud 9 Adventures to manage your remaining payments for Holy Ship! 2016. Indicate the credit card you want to use when you place your reservation or make ACH payments directly from your checking or savings account. 

Automatic Billing Dates for Holy Ship! January 

Deposit paid by Credit Card: July 13th or 14th, 2015

1st Automatic Billing Payment: September 8, 2015

2nd Automatic Billing Payment: October 27, 2015

There will be a one time, non refundable, $10 processing fee for this payment method. The processing fee will be added to your first automatic payment on September 8, 2015.

If you enroll after the first payment date, the remaining balance will be divided into equal payments based on the amount of time between the time you enroll and the final payment date. The processing fee will be applied to your first payment.

How To Enroll

By Credit Card

You will be prompted during the booking process to choose how you would like your payments broken up. If you wish to use your credit card for all future payments, you will want to select the option to have your remaining balance broken up into 4 payments. This will notify our Travel Team that you wish to enroll in automatic billing and have your payments be automatically processed for you.

By Bank Account

You must use a credit card to make your initial deposit during the booking process. After making your reservation, you will want to fill out the Enrollment Form below and return it to the Cloud 9 Travel Team. The ACH Enrollment Form will require the name on the bank account you would like to use, the bank's routing number and the checking or savings account number. Please provide a copy of a voided check, or a savings deposit slip if you are indicating a savings account. Once you have completed your enrollment form, please return to the Travel Team via email or by fax at 561-368-8923. 
The Event will charge a $20 administrative fee for any automatic payments that decline or are returned by your bank. This fee will be added to your outstanding payment amount. Payment received will be applied first to the administrative fee, and then the remaining amount of the payment will be applied your reservation balance.