Life As ShipFam

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Holy Ship! is more than just a series of concerts. It's more than just an awesome festival - and way more than just a really fun cruise. Step aboard to experience a truly unique music vacation at sea with one of the best communities on the planet.

Your favorite Artists and DJs performing in the middle of the ocean, while you dance and relax with 4000 new best friends, surrounded by every amenity you could need… there really is no other experience better than this! 

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Immerse yourself in Holy Ship! by participating in a variety of unique activities, games, and workshops - many of which are led by your favorite artists. Even with around the clock music, Holy Ship! still finds time to schedule everything from autograph signings and flip-cup tournaments to unusual contests, so there's never a shortage of things to do onboard.
Watch and participate in the amazing transformations that occur when imaginations run wild and shippers let loose. Tap into your costume mojo, grab your squad, and lets dance the night away in style. Past themes have included Disco Fever, Emoji Night, Outer Space, Superheroes, and Noah’s Ark.
On your fourth sailing, you are invited to attend the exclusive OG Party. Receive the coveted Holy Ship! robe and party amongst the most seasoned shippers with free drinks, snacks, and sick beats to keep the party bumping.