Theme Nights

Celebrate the epic 10th sailing of Holy Ship! with our theme nights - 90s Toons & Welcome to the Jungle!
Ditch your everyday disguise and evolve into the party animal we all know you are. Whether you’re the king of the jungle or rock n’ roll royalty, let your wild side reign!
Hey Stoop Kid! Get off that stoop and step into the world of 90s cartoons. Channel both sides of your personality with CatDog or rally your girl squad as the Powerpuff Girls. Whatever you choose, this theme night is sure to be All That.
Join us for Back to the Future & Dynamic Duos onboard Holy Ship! 11.0.
For one night only, Holy Ship! becomes a portal through time. Light it up with neons from the 80s, channel the disco fever of the 70s, or flash forward to the future. The choice is yours!
Pair up with your partner in crime, your cabin mate or your bestie and show off how two is always better than one. Double the trouble by impersonating your favorite famous duos, creating a mirror image, or twinning for the win!